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Outdoor crops:

In large areas, such as vegetable fields, herbs, gardens and green spaces, nonwovens help fruits and plants growing and they increase their production. The thermal blanket of nonwoven fabric TST UV contains a stabilized treatment against UV which creates a weather barrier, allowing an increase of temperature indoor with 3 and 5 degrees of difference from inside to outside. In agriculture, TST UV is a product that provides a real added-value since it helps you to save time and money  in case of pests and frost. Agricultura. Cultivos exterior

Crops tierra

TST UV Our non-woven veil of thermal TST UV is made to increase the temperature of vegetables and fruits from vegetable gardens. It is a thermal mesh that protects against external agents such as wind, cold, frost, white fly and insects; minimizing the damage caused by hail, especially in sensitive crops such as lettuce, spinachs, watermelon, beetsroots, etc.
TST UV is a micro-porous, translucent and permeable to water product so it uses 100% of the rainfall. The thermal blanket increases production, promotes an optimal growth and it produces a higher precocity of the crops harvest…

Tree crops

TST UV From the polypropylene TST UV  thermal mesh we make bags or small sacks of different sizes adapted to the fruits needs: bunches of grapes, peaches, bananas, soursops, etc. These thermal bags are prepared to isolate and protect the fruit from insects and pests, they help to minimize weather effects, which results in exceptional qualities of the fruit, such as more aromas, sugars and a healthy ripening. The manual bagging raises production costs due to the time spent in labor, although they can be reused to reduce costs. In any case, its use has a favorable result both productive and economically speaking.

Grass protection.

TST UV In order to guarantee the best conditions of the playing field, protecting it against frost, there are more and more clubs which everyday rely on the technical qualities of thermal TST UV. During re-seeding, this thermal veil protects against fungal plagues and it improves the density of the field, accelerating the process of seeds germination and also avoiding the cost of having raptors to scare pigeons. Furthermore, it is avoided a possible condensation on the nonwoven fabric because of its natural aeration.

Anti-grass in gardens.

TST BOND In a dark color, the anti-grass polypropylene nonwoven fabric avoids the growth of unwanted weeds since it prevents the passage of sunlight. In order to obtain a greater durability of the nonwoven, we will apply the UV treatment. In gardening, anti-grass nonwoven is usually placed as a padding under gravel, aggregates, marble chips or bark. Our nonwoven TST BOND is applied both by professional landscape gardeners and by individuals for domestic uses, since it allows savings avoiding the weeding work.

Antifrost in gardens.

TST UV During winter, weaker species such as aloe vera or lemontrees are exposed to the most adverse weather conditions. The best way to protect trees, bushes or flowers during this time of the year is by covering them with a TST UV  thermal  veil. Our non-woven fabric with a UV thermal shield action controls frost and cold winds, it has an anti-frost function and it is prepared to withstand extreme temperature changes. This nonwoven cover is a breathable fabric and it lets the rain in, so there is a constant oxygenation inside.

Indoor Crops:

The temperature affects directly to the process of photosynthesis, both in its duration and intensity, also influencing in the transpiration and absorption of solar energy. Our thermal polypropylene veil TST UV increases the temperature of the plants contributing in this way  to the photosynthesis function. Sunlight permeability, protection from pests, insects and frost, or fast flowering, are some of the benefits obtained with the thermal blanket. Agricultura. Cultivos interior

Plant nurseries

TST UV During the winter season, TST UV thermal blanket is used in plants nurseries with the purpose of creating a microclimate for the thermal and biological control of plants. The heat wrap is light, permeable to air, water and light, it can help ornamental plants to have an earlier bloom, and expand both the range of species and growing seasons. Nonwoven UV utilization makes production, earliness, weight and the concentration of the harvest more profitable.

Plant nurseries

TST UV While a greenhouse environment favors the growth of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables, high temperatures and humidity can cause the spread of insects and diseases, so their protection is recommended by the thermal polypropylene TST UV veil. At the same time, the thermal blanket can control the most intense temperatures, humidity and light. The UV polypropylene nonwoven causes an increase in quantity and quality of the production.

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El objetivo principal del proyecto es el desarrollo de una nueva gama de mascarillas autofiltrantes (FFP) de alta calidad de ajuste y alta eficacia bactericida y/o virucida frente a virus y barcterias multirresistentes. Las mascarillas a desarrollar en el marco del proyecto aportarán una nueva solución tecnológica altamente innovadora que permitirá alcanzar un alto nivel de seguridad frente a patógenos en forma de bioaerosol y partículas, mejorando las opciones de mascarillas que actualmente se encuentran presentes en el mercado, cuyo ajuste al rostro y capacidad virucida no queda garantizada. La cosecución de los objetivos planteados tendrá un impacto directo en la cadena de valor del sector de los equipos de protección individual. Destacamos el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea y del IVACE para la ejecución de este proyecto.



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