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TST LACE es un no tejido de gran suavidad y capacidad absorbente, por lo que es muy utilizado en el sector higiénico.

TST LACE title_flecha Nonwoven Polyester, Viscose or mixture.


The TST LACE is very soft and with a great absorbent capacity, so it is widely used in the hygienic sector. 
The TST LACE Spunlace is also known as jet-entangled in water, hydroentanglement or hydraulically punctured fabric . 
In applications where a similar tensile resistance in both directions of the nonwoven fabric is required, we will use a variant called TST LACE CROSSLAPPER.

Features TST LACE

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester (PET), 100% Viscose (CV) or mixtures of PET and CV.
WEIGHT: 35 to 200 g / m².
COLOURS: White or Black.

Properties TST LACE

  • Wide prints variety.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • High liquids absorption.
  • Breathable.
  • Antistatic.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Produces no scratches.
  • No fuzzing.
  • Non irritating.
  • Non allergic.
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.
  • Uniform.

Manufacturing process TST LACE:

TST LACE is produced by a manufacturing process called Spunlace, which uses fine water jets at a high speed to produce a web of entangled fibers. A small amount of binder is added sometimes to get a greater strength and a dimensional stability or to act as a fluid repellent…

Treatments and finishings TST LACE:

CUT. Trim /Pad / Sheets / Pre-cuts
REWIND. Large to small rolls and vice versa
PADDING. Ultrasound.
ENGRAVING. Different designs.

Applications TST LACE:


HOSPITALS: single-use towels…
GERIATRICS AND SCHOOLS: wet wipes, single-use towels …
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE: Wet wipes …


HOTEL INDUSRTY/ FOOD SERVICES: Bathrobes, towels, wet wipes, filters …
FUNERALS: single-use towels …
BEAUTY: single use towels …
NIGHTCLUBS / SHELTERS: single-use towels, wet wipes …
VETERINARY: single-use towels …

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