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Events and celebrations:

A great variety of colours, elegance and a low cost, make that our nonwovens will be widely used as decorative elements for sport, cultural, musical and culinary events, as well as popular festivals, fairs or fashion catwalks. Government agencies, schools, private companies, theaters, associations and organizations use our nonwovens as a support for printed advertising.

Ocio. Eventos y festejos


TST BOND is used to cover things that are desired not to be visible, such as fences, carriages or the lower side of the tables. It is also used as single use tablecloths. 
In sports, the pre-cut nonwoven fabric allows the creation of mosaics as well as to arrange it in big strips as flags or as a base for large signs and banners.


The use of nonwoven fabrics for decoration will allow you to decorate ceilings, to cover walls, chairs, tables, tents, carriages, etc. .. nonwovens have different compositions, color and appearance. 
TST compositions of polypropylene, viscose and polyester, offer different creative possibilities.


TST BOND is cheap, non-toxic and resistant to tearing. It is available in a wide range of colours and weights, so it is ideal for making costumes in schools, kindergartens, theaters, carnivals or birthday parties. 
Our nonwoven is suitable for preparing costumes and accessories, since polypropylene is easy to cut, and sewn without difficulties.

Ocio. Disfraces

Museums and galleries:

TST PROTEC is a nonwoven used as a protective packaging during both land and air transportation of artworks, this is due to the fact that it has great properties such as resistance to penetration and tearing, hydrophobicity to protect against water or other liquid substances, protection from sunlight, breathable to avoid condensations, etc. Its fireproofing  treatment allows us to accomplish the most strict requirements for air transport.

Ocio. Museos y galerías

Picture packaging

Nonwoven is a light and very soft material, ideal for the protection of contemporary paintings which have no frame. 
When we roll two or more large-scale works, we must use the TST PROTEC as an interlayer protection, avoiding possible frictions between one sheet and another. 
The TST PROTEC allows flame retardant and anti-static treatments, so it is a product that meets the most demanding customer requirements.

Sculptures protective cover

TST PROTEC is easily manipulated and allows different binding options such as sewing, heat fusion or ultrasound, so it is suitable for customised protective covers for the sculptures. Our nonwoven fabric ensures a better preservation of works during transfers.

Schools and nurseries:

The high cost of the cardboards makes the nonwoven TST BOND, also known as felt, to be used every time more for crafts in kindergartens, colleges and schools. Our nonwoven adept themselves to basic tasks such as drawing, cutting, sewing or folding, craft activities, decorations or garments confection.

Ocio. Colegios y guarderías


Crafts encourage creative, artistic and emotional development of children, enabling them to express ideas, emotions or feelings. By using our nonwoven TST BOND you help them to imagine new ways of materializing ideas. 
TST BOND is a nonwoven product which have diverse colours, so in most cases it can substitute cardboards.

Clothes confection

TST BOND is suitable for making all kind of garments, such as identifying bibs for kids, snack bags, shoe bags, bibs, aprons, masks, costumes… 
The technical properties of the nonwoven fabric allow us to wash it two or three times, so we can reuse it.

Murals y sets

The large size of our non-woven fabric makes it particularly suitable for the composition of murals or sets/scenes. The development of these activities, usually in groups, promotes children social interaction. 
The nonwoven felt is used for sets at Prom parties, theaters, carnivals, and other recreational activities.

Ocio. Murales y decorados

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