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TST BV es un tejido no tejido utilizado en construcción como barrera de vapor.

TST BV title_flecha Multilayer polypropylene nonwoven.


The TST BV is used in construction as a vapor barrier to prevent surface and interstitial condensation occurring in enclosures subject to high temperature variations from inside to outside by contributing to get a greater energy efficiency. 
Its placement in the enclosure depends on the climate in which we are going to be. 
Our TST BV fulfills the requirements demanded by the Technical Building Code regarding the resistance to water vapor.

Features TST BV

COMPOSITION: 100% Polypropylene
WEIGHT: 100 gr.

Properties TST BV:

  • High resistance to the passage of water vapor.
  • Hydrophobic.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Low cost.
  • Resistant to abrasion, chemicals, acids, bases, organic solvents and bacteria.
  • Low flammability (flame retardant) and heat resistant.
  • The polypropylene nonwoven TST BV does not get contracted until it reaches  110 ° C and it begins to melt at 170 ° C.
  • Optimal to FIRA test requirements.

Applications TST BV:


BUILDING: vapor barrier, floorings impermeabilization …


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