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Hotel industry / Food service:

The use of nonwovens is increasing in the field of food service and hotel industry, because they offer the possibility of producing low-cost disposable items ensuring the maximum hygiene.

Servicios. Restauración y hostelería

Tablecloths, table runners, bibs

Disposable non-woven tablecloths bring elegance and colour to the atmosphere of your bar, restaurant or cafe. This nonwoven fabric allows you to create colour combinations contrasting tablecloths and table runners, or individual tablecloths.
The TST BOND single-use nonwoven is suitable for printing anagrams, images or messages, so many restaurants use it to give a funny touch or to advertise themselves, offering to their customers nonwoven disposable bibs for seafood dishes, stews, “calçotades”, festive banquets and celebrations.

Caps, aprons.

In any kitchen where you work to serve the public, hygiene is crucial. Making hats and aprons with our TST BOND helps to maintain a better hygiene.

Bathrobes, towels.

Bathrobes and towels are very commonly used in hotels, resorts, spas, pools and massage rooms and involve long and costly recycling processes from one service to the other. The possibility of using these garments made ​​of nonwoven disposable tissue TST  LACE or Spunlace, saves costs and facilitates work. 
Towels and bathrobes made ​​of Spunlace nonwoven fabric are soft to the touch and offer a great absorption capacity. This absorbent capacity depends on the composition of Spunlace nonwoven, being higher depending on the amount of viscose in relation to polyester.

Shoes, laundry bags

Offer comfort to yours customers to feel at home with disposable slippers made ​​of nonwoven fabric. 
If one of your priorities is to offer a quality service, make your laundry bags with our TST BOND.

Wet wipes.

Take care of the quality and hygiene that your customers deserve by offering our cleaning wet wipes or scented wipes made ​​of TST LACE. 
Disposable dry and wet wipes of Spunlace impregnated with disinfectant cleaning products, can avoid the need to wash your hands.


In food services, TST LACE Spunlace is applicable to various tools and products, such as bags and filters for vacuum cleaners and water, tea or coffee filters. The nonwoven fabric is composed of microfibres resistant to moths and with a good tensile strength as well as being breathable and antibacterial.


Public transport is an alternative to private transport, and it pretendes to maintain and retain customers. Recreating a pleasant, hygienic and satisfactory space for travelers in the public transport network is easier using consumables made of 100% PP spunbond nonwoven fabric. 
The use of nonwovens in the public transport sector requires the application of a special fire-retardant treatment, as per the law requirements.

Servicios. Transporte


During a removal, protect furniture against shocks, dust and scratches with  TST PROTECT. It adapts itself easily to all surfaces and reliefs.

Headprest supports

Its hygienic properties and its potential as an advertising medium, make the nonwoven disposable TST BOND a useful material for headrest covers in air lines, trains, ships or buses.

Pillow covers

The airlines, trains, buses and shipping companies seek customers comfort during long journeys, so they provide their customers pillows covered with protective covers of polypropylene TST BOND, which guarantees the best hygienic pillow conditions, preventing sweating from getting inside them.


Small details make a difference, to make a glass coaster with nonwoven prevents marks on the tables. You can also customize them with your company logo at a low cost.


Funeral services present a high risk of infection because of the handling of bodies, since they are exposed to biological agents. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures to minimize the risks, using fabricated items with our nonwovens TST  BOND, TST SMS, TST LACE or TST LAMINADO (laminated). They support different treatments and finishes such as flame retardant, ultraviolet or a polyethylene laminate, adapting themselves to the most strict requirements.

Servicios. Funerario

Bags, shrouds, sacks

Collection bags for the transport of bodies and body rests must be resistant, waterproof and with proper dimensions. These bags for rests, shrouds and corpse bags are made of TST BOND and TST LAMINADO (laminated) since these thermoplastic materials have a high stability against solvents and acids. When it comes to air repatriation we use the nonwoven flame retardant treatment, accomplishing with the relevant regulations.

Protection equipment

Labour protection is essential when working with corpses, as this influences on health and welfare of workers. The use of products produced with our nonwovens ensures the maximum technical and sanitary conditions. With our polypropylene single-use nonwoven you can gowns,coveralls, shoe covers, anti-odour and anti-vapor masks, etc…

Coffins covers / urns

Protective covers are a good way to prevent damages that may occur during storage, transport and handling of urns and coffins. These covers to wrap boxes are made of several materials, such as those made with polypropylene nonwoven, which are lighter than nylon. The urn carrying bags, can also be made with spunbond nonwoven fabric, meeting the highest hygienic conditions.

Single use towels

In embalming is essential to use single-use towels made ​​of nonwoven Spunlace  TST LACE, ensuring the maximum hygiene after the body aesthetic care. Nonwovens are disposable products that prevent the spread of bacteria and infections.


The nonwoven fabric is an indispensable material in cosmetic cabinets, beauty centers, hair salons, solariums … since with nonwovens you can make different disposable items such as towels, underwear, slippers, mats, stretcher covers, etc. These items are necessary and functional, and they have been present in the professional market for years in order to meet the customer’s comfort and to save money on washing.

Servicios. Belleza

Depilatory wax strips

The cosmetic industry professionals know that depilatory strips made of polyester and viscose nonwovens are most appropriate for removing unwanted hair, leaving skin soft and smooth. Our depilatory strips made of non-woven fabric are soft, durable and with high quality, they show an effective hair removal without leaving small traces of wax on the skin. Nonwoven depilatory TST CHEM strips are suitable for warm roll-on wax and for the hot wax melter.

Gowns and capes

In hairdressing salons, cutting capes and disposable gowns are garments made with our laminated TST BOND, in order to ensure the protection of the user’s costume from dyes drops. It is an economical solution which satisfies the needs of the technician, and despite being a disposable item it can be reused several times. Furthermore, non-woven made of polypropylene allows you to stamp the logo of your business.


In beauty centers, massages, spas or clinics, we will find single-use underwear such as panties, underpants, thongs, tops or caps, made of disposable 100% polypropylene nonwoven, which guarantees the maximum hygiene. 
Disposable nonwoven products for spa centers or aesthetic and beauty centers allow professionals to perform their work comfortably, and they avoid unexpected last minute problems and they offer maximum comfort to the consumer.


In hairdressers and beauty centers, the new single-use towel made ​​of TST LACE , replaces the old terry towel, maintaining a highly absorbent power and soft touch.
With disposable nonwoven towels you will not have to worry about stains from dyes, since they are of single use, they will go directly to the container. 
Avoid long and expensive processes of washing towels for its reuse, with nonwoven Spunlace you will save time and money.

Floor mats

In hairdressers, gyms and beauty centers with tanning booths, the use of non-disposable carpets is not recommended as it can cause infections among the customers. Using floor mats made ​​of our polypropylene TST BOND ensures the maximum hygiene in your business.

Stretcher cover-sheets

Spas, physiotherapy, osteopathy, medicine or aesthetic centers must meet prerequisites to prevent from infections or microbial contaminations. Therefore, it is recommended the renewal of the stretcher polypropylene veil cover  between a user and the other, becoming it a single-use product.

Nightclubs and hostels:

Businesses which offer hosting services require certain sanitary measures, preventing and avoiding illness transmissions. The use of nonwovens in our mono-use products is essential to get the best hygienic standards.

Servicios. Clubs y albergues


Disposable sheets made ​​up of our spunbond nonwoven or SMS, are essential in nightclubs, hostess flats or hostels since they save time and money on washes, while you ensure the best hygienic conditions.

Towels / Wet wipes

In areas where cleaning is essential, the use of disposable products made of TST LACE nonwoven fabric, ensures a high efficiency against any virus, fungus, bacteria or parasite that can spread in confined and crowded places.
Use disposable towels or wet wipes made ​​from TST LACE or Spunlace, because as well as being considerably practical, they have a high capacity for absorbing liquids. Using them you will forget to wash, disinfect, smooth, dry and iron. Simply replace and throw them away.


Sanitary education together with an appropriate use of products help to reduce the risk of infections in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Appropriate physical barriers, through our nonwovens, together with hygienical systems are the safest and most effective combination for the control of zoonotic diseases.

Servicios. Veterinario


Inhalation of bio-aerosols, spores released into the air or dust from bird’s fecal material, are some of the problems that can affect the vet by altering health ontological status. As a preventive measure, proffessionals should routinely use masks or respirators manufactured with our TST SMS, depending on the security level they want to reach.

Strectcher cover

When an animal enters in a veterinary clinic or hospital, it requires an appropriate care to their species and health status. Sometimes these animals carry infectious illnesses, so it is recommended to use a stretcher cover with made with nonwoven fabric either SMS or LAMINADO (laminated) depending on the protective needs.

Work clothes

Veterinarians are continually exposed to transmitted diseases and biological contaminants, so it is recommended to wear suitable protective clothing, which should be discarded when they leave the lab. Many of these protective clothes articles are manufactured with our TST SMS and TST LAMINADO (laminated) nonwovens: uniforms, caps, sleeve covers, coveralls, leggings and many more items.

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