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    The TST BOND is a nonwoven fabric generically known as non-woven or Spunbond but it receives other names: nonwoven, TNT, felt or polypropylene veil.
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    The TST LACE is very soft and with a great absorbent capacity, so it is widely used in the hygienic sector.
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    TST SMS is a nonwoven three-layer (Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond) which allows Spunbond nonwoven to improve its qualities.
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  • TST UV

    TST UV is a thermic agro-textile micro-porous nonwoven stabilized against UV rays, known generically as thermal blanket, but itreceives other names such as anti - frost fabric, polypropylene veil, agro-textile cover,hibernation cover...
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    TST PROTEC is a nonwoven protector with self-adhesive, used in house reforms and removals, in order to avoid scratches, schocks and dust they can cause on surfaces like floors, walls or ceiling, or on the furniture.
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  • TST BV

    The TST BV is used in construction as a vapor barrier to prevent surface and interstitial condensation occurring in enclosures subject to high temperature variations from inside to outside by contributing to get a greater energy efficiency.
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    TST LAMINATED comes from the new families of fibers with high benefits:mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance, being the easiest and fastest system to obtain technical textile products.
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    TST DECOR is a unique product which meets the growing demand for decorative applications. Its innovative textured surface adds refinement and elegance, standing at the forefront in the field of decoration.
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