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TST UV es un tejido no tejido agrotextil térmico micro-poroso estabilizado contra los rayos ultravioleta.

TST UV title_flecha Polypropylene nonwoven with UV treatment


TST UV is a thermic agro-textile micro-porous nonwoven stabilized against UV rays, known generically as thermal blanket, but itreceives other names such as anti – frost fabric, polypropylene veil, agro-textile cover,hibernation cover… A good way to keep balanced the fundamentals of a croop and to obtain bigger productions at a low cost, is undoubtedly the use of the nonwoven fabric with a UV treatment. Some of their excellent properties, such as thermal protection, or permeability to air and water, make the UV nonwoven to be widely used in horticulture and fruit sectors, gardening and nursery plants.
TST UV is a seasonal product, disposable and outdated, but if it is stored carefully, we can reuse it from one year to the other for some applications.

Features TST UV

COMPOSITION: 100 % Polypropylene ( PP) with UV treatment. WEIGHTS : 15 to 30 gr / m² , but the most used is the 17 gr / m² . POSSIBLE WIDTHS : from 1.00 to 19.20 m COLOUR : Natural (equivalent to white).

Properties TST UV

The low cost of this nonwoven also allows to save in fertilizer, creating a protective barrier for crops. TST UV creates a barrier against insects, birds and potential illnesses so it is not necessary to remove the thermal veil to apply the plant protection treatment.
Increase of the production and quality of the crops, since the thermal blanket TST UV generates a microclimate which activates growing.
Reduces damage from storms, heavy rain or hail.
Thermal protection agains frost up to 5 º C below zero.
Inside the cover it is reached about 4 or 5 ° C  of temperature warmer than the outdoor temperature, resulting in an earlier collection of the fruits.
It is light, which facilitates the placement of the covering veil: manual by two operators or by a mechanical unwinder.
Better use of solar radiation. Water permeable.
Permeable to air, ensuring a regular aeration.
It is absorbent , so it dries immediately after irrigation or rain, humidity and preventing from the spread of illnesses.
Photodegradable .
Anti- frost.
Good tensile strength, but it must be taken into account the weight of the product.

Manufacturing process TST UV:

TST UV comes from the manufacturing process of Spunbond, to which it is applied an ultraviolet treatment, depending on the amount of the treatment applied it will determine the conditions of thermal protection.

Treatments and finishings TST UV:

UV. Stabilized against ultraviolet rays. In most crops, when aplying a 3% of treatment we can get enough thermal protection as to resist to -5ºC. THERMO-WELDING. Allows the manufature of bags by ultrasounds.

Applications TST UV:


OUTDOOR CROPS: Crops on land, tree crops, lawn protection, anti-frost in gardens…
INDOOR CROPS: Plant nurseries, greenhouses …

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